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Lewis & Clark Expedition essay


❶On February 11, , Sacagawea gave birth to a son and named him Jean Baptiste. He also was an avid outdoorsman and appreciative of the American West he had a ranch in North Dakota , and his far-seeing vision created one of America's most enduring traditions, the U.

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Essay title: Lewis and Clark
Lewis and Clark Essay
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On March 23, , the Corps left Fort Clatsop for home. They retrieved their horses from the Nez Perce and waited until June for the snow to melt to cross the mountains into the Missouri River Basin. The two groups planned to rendezvous where the Yellowstone and Missouri met in North Dakota. Department of the Interior. Two days later, at Marias River near present-day Cut Bank, Montana, Lewis and his group encountered eight Blackfeet warriors and were forced to kill two of them when they tried to steal weapons and horses.

The location of the clash became known as Two Medicine Fight Site. It was the only violent episode of the expedition, although soon after the Blackfeet fight, Lewis was accidentally shot in his buttocks during a hunting trip; the injury was painful and inconvenient but not fatal.

On August 12, Lewis and Clark and their crews reunited and dropped off Sacagawea and her family at the Mandan villages. They then headed down the Missouri River — with the currents moving in their favor this time — and arrived in St. Lewis and Clark returned to Washington , D. Not only had they completed their mission of surveying the Louisiana Territory from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean — though they failed to identify a coveted Northwest Passage across the continent — they did so against tremendous odds with just one death and little violence.

The Corps had traveled more than 8, miles, produced invaluable maps and geographical information, identified at least animal specimens and botanical samples and initiated peaceful relations with dozens of Native American tribes. Both Lewis and Clark received double pay and 1, acres of land for their efforts.

Clark remained well-respected and lived a successful life. Lewis, however, was not an effective governor and drank too much. He never married or had children and died in of two gunshot wounds, possibly self-inflicted. Keelboat, Barge or Boat? Lemhi Valley to Fort Clatsop. Lewis and Clark Expedition. To Equip an Expedition.

Two Medicine Fight Site. Washington City to Fort Mandan. We strive for accuracy and fairness. But if you see something that doesn't look right, contact us! Subscribe for fascinating stories connecting the past to the present.

Even before the U. Louis, Missouri, from the first recorded overland journey from the Mississippi River to the Pacific coast and back. The Lewis and Clark Expedition had set off more than two years After a long winter, the Lewis and Clark expedition departs its camp among the Mandan Indians and resumes its journey West along the Missouri River. The Corps of Discovery had begun its voyage the previous spring, and it arrived at the large Mandan and Minnetaree villages along Determined to begin the American exploration of the vast mysterious regions of the Far West, President Thomas Jefferson sends a special confidential message to Congress asking for money to fund the journey of Lewis and Clark.

Jefferson had been trying to mount a western expedition After passing a wet and tedious winter near the Pacific Coast, Lewis and Clark happily leave behind Fort Clatsop and head east for home. The Corps of Discovery arrived at the Pacific the previous November, having made a difficult crossing over the rugged Rocky Mountains. Staging the first-ever Fourth of July celebration west of the Mississippi River, Lewis and Clark fire the expedition cannon and order an extra ration of whiskey for the men.

Six weeks earlier, Lewis and Clark left American civilization to depart on their famous journey. Having spied the Pacific Ocean for the first time a few weeks earlier, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark cross to the south shore of the Columbia River near modern-day Portland and begin building the small fort that would be their winter home. Lewis, Clark, and their men On this day in , Thomas Jefferson requests funding from Congress to finance the Lewis and Clark expedition.

This website uses cookies for analytics, personalization, and advertising. Click here to learn more or change your cookie settings. By continuing to browse, you agree to our use of cookies. Who Were Lewis and Clark? Preparations for the Lewis and Clark Expedition Lewis knew that exploring the Louisiana Territory would be no small task and immediately began preparations.

Some of the supplies collected were: Fort Mandan In early November, the Corps came across villages of friendly Mandan and Minitari Indians near present-day Washburn, North Dakota , and decided to set up camp downriver for the winter along the banks of the Missouri River. Crossing the Continental Divide On April 7, , Lewis and Clark sent some of their crew and their keelboat loaded with zoological and botanical samplings, maps, reports and letters back to St.

Sources Building Fort Clatsop. The changes will be no less profound for European Americans. President Jefferson's orders were far-reaching. While Lewis and Clark did not discover a Northwest Passage or start the western fur trade or overland immigration, they certainly influenced the latter two movements. They provided valuable information about the topography, the biological sciences, the ecology, and ethnic and linguistic studies of the American Indian.

The mysteries of the vast area known as the Louisiana Purchase quickly disappeared after Lewis and Clark. Geographic discovery was an essential goal that Jefferson set for the expedition. Lewis and Clark recorded a wealth of scientific knowledge as they noted significant geographic features, made detailed route maps, and recorded their observations of longitude and latitude.

Lewis performed most the astronomical duties and Clark charted the course and drafted expedition maps. Jefferson was especially concerned that Lewis and Clark establish good connections with the Indians and carry out linguistic and ethnological studies. Consequently, they held several meetings with the Indian tribes they met on their journey.

The Americans wanted to open the door to diplomatic relations and gain access to trading rights with the Indians too. They were instructed to notify the Indians of the new sovereignty of the United States under the terms of the Louisiana Purchase.

Who Were Lewis and Clark?

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Essay about The Lewis and Clark Expedition These diseases included boils, dysentery, frost bite, appendicitis, tooth aches, mouth sores, cholera, and many more. The only person to die on the expedition was Sergeant Charles Floyd, and .

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The Importance of the Lewis and Clark Expedition - The Lewis and Clark Expedition is one of the great benefits for the U.S nation. The participants of this expedition left a legacy for younger generations of the skills needed for their discoveries and contributions.

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Geographic discovery was an essential goal that Jefferson set for the expedition. Lewis and Clark recorded a wealth of scientific knowledge as they noted significant geographic features, made detailed route maps, and recorded their observations of /5(1). Mar 25,  · View and download lewis and clark expedition essays examples. Also discover topics, titles, outlines, thesis statements, and conclusions for your lewis and clark expedition essay.